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  1. hallo jacky 🙂 🙂 …..

    schön deine arbeiten bei menschkunst zu sehen …. wo sie auch super hinpassen !
    ich wünsche dir viel spass hier …. und erfolg! 😉

    liebe grüsse

  2. Jacky, what an enchanting talent you share with us! As I strolled thru your MSG my vibes told me that you were a very creative individual. My curiosity led me to your FB page where I found this link. I am so drawn to „Blue eye“ with all that complexity….“You rock“ we women all need to remind ourselves of that!….“Moon“ makes we think of my 24 yr. old granddaughter…our endearment to each other is „Love you to the Moon and back.“ Peace reminds me of my 51 yr. old daughter…a true flower child! „Tattoo“ describes that flower child daughter as she is tattooed over her back and arm…as if that isn´t enough a few years back she influenced my getting a first tat…I now have two! „Women“ the power of us united…yet our individual independence, and strength! And of course „Good vibes“ makes me smile! You are having FUN with your art and I LOVE that! I also have FUN with my art…search for ReImagine ReMade on FB…that´s me. Chat with you on FB

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